Living LifeMinded

LifeMinded promotes the benefits of engaged living. Using special, proven practices designed for senior living, LifeMinded is based on the "Seven Dimensions of Wellness" model endorsed by the International Council on Active Aging.®


Physical fitness

Physical fitness is critical at every stage of life. Almost every retirement community will offer some form of fitness program. The breath of options will very from yoga to dancercise to walking and so on but the key is to find activities that you can enjoy. The more variety, the easier it is to keep your routines fresh and your motivation high as you maintain your all-important balance, core strength, heart health and flexibility.


Brain fitness

Science increasingly shows that a honed and vigorous mind is the key to healthy brain functioning later in life. The LifeMinded philosophy mixes learning in a social atmosphere with fun physical fitness exercises to help keep your mind limber and lucid.


Emotional fitness

Living at a LifeMinded residence means being embraced by a community. They will offer many opportunities to build meaningful new relationships and nurture longstanding ones. They will also offer group discussions and other structured support for residents seeking camaraderie and connection. Whether just a friendly exchange or building a lifelong friendship social interaction is a key to emotional balance.


Pursuing passions

Your life’s passions should be for life. A LifeMinded approach means support from staff  to help you stay relevant and to keep making an impact. Residents redefine retirement by volunteering, mentoring, creating, and more. Share your vision, and your LifeMinded community will support you and make the connections that make it possible.


Add it up

When you add these elements together the result is living with purpose, engaged as you choose. It means multiple options for living each day fully, in the company of others who savor life as much as you do.